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How to Increase your Download Speed by 2 Times Faster (Google Chrome)

  Increase Downloading Speed By 2 Times faster!! Use this Trick to Download Your Songs, Videos, Films, or Files In Half the Time and Save your data. In this  article , I am going to show you a few ways you can increase your download speed  will be 100X faster than ever. . Hopefully, something in this article is useful to you. How to Increase Downloading Speed by 2 Times Faster? To increase your downloading speed by 2 times faster, follow the below steps; Open your Google Chrome Web Browser. In the Address Bar type Chrome://Flags Type PARALLEL DOWNLOADING in Search Bar. By default it is set as Default , Now select the drop-down menu and Enable the PARALLEL DOWNLOADING . Now Relaunch the Chrome Web Browser. Now all your Songs, Videos, Films, or Files will be downloaded in Half the Time . I think there are many tricks to increase downloading speeds, but I don't know everything works or not but by the trick, The Chrome Flag Accelerates Download Speed by Br

How to Disable Access to USB Port in Windows 10

  How to Disable Access to USB Port in Windows 10? When you give your personal Laptop/PC to someone you don't trust, you can disable access to USB ports so that they don't steal your personal data. Disable Access to USB Port in Windows 10 To Disable Access to USB Ports in Windows 10 Laptop/PC, follow these steps below; Press Windows+R to open the “Run” box. Type “Regedit” and then click “OK” to open a registry editor. Click to expand "Computer" in the left-hand pane of the registry editor. “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ”. Click to expand the "System" to access all the sub-keys under it. Expand "Current Control Set" and then in "Services". Go to " USBSTOR" , and then click on "Start" on the right-hand pane of the registry editor. Change the Data Value from "3" to "4" and then click on the "OK" button. Now Restart your PC to apply the changes. That

Don't Have a VPN? Use Google as a VPN

Don't Have a VPN? Use Google as a free VPN A Virtual Private Network (VPN)  app provides you with privacy and anonymity online by establishing a private network from a public internet connection and your Internet Protocol (IP) address is obscured by VPNs, so your online activities are practically untraceable. If you want to use any VPN apps you must pay for that but today with this article, I'll tell u a trick where we can access any website anonymously with help of Google. Do you want to Don't want to pay for a VPN? use this simple trick and freely access any Website. How to use Google as a free VPN? If you want to use Google as a free VPN, follow these steps; Open the Google Chrome web browser. Type Google Translator in the search. Open Google Translator's main website  from the homepage. Type the name of the website on the left side box ex. ( ) On the right side box, you will show an external link to the website. Click on the e